Planned features

Note: I will be able to continue work on chesstree.net on December 2017.

Upcoming updates:

  • UI rework. The interface is a bit confusing
  • Expanding the opening statistics database
    • I’m looking into using data from ~170 million blitz games from FICS games. The current database is tiny compared to this.
  • Computer analysis for positions
    • I can attach a JavaScript chess engine to the site, which will calculate the scores in your custom openings. These will be saved to the database.

Other requested features that I will be doing at some point:

  • Handling transpositions
  • More mobile-friendly site
  • Tweaks to the usability of the tree
    • Button to pan to current position in the tree
    • A way to shrink/collapse long branches in the tree
    • Changing the coloring scheme so that distinguishing your own openings from other data is easier
    • Way to open multiple branches simultaneously

Further in the future

  • Connecting chesstree.net with a chess server, so that you can import your games directly for analysis

Update history

15 July 2016 – Statistics overlay: Show opening statistics on custom chess trees
12 July 2016 – Chesstree weblog is up

Minor updates

30 Aug 2016 – Lines to tree nodes are now cones. Color scale takes ties into account.
30 Aug 2016 – Button for replaying last 4 moves.
30 Aug 2016 – Panning is now more dynamic and less buggy.
4 Aug 2016 – Bugfix: Default opening names no longer get saved with custom trees